How to make a sock bun

Lauren Krause:

Can’t wait to tackle this bun! Who knew, thanks to RS for simplifying my life by the thousands.

Originally posted on Simply Stated Blogs:

After many a friend asked me how they could make their meek buns into statement ones, I went looking for a solution. Turns out, a few people on the Real Simple staff had discovered this quick trick, which we then showed in our June issue. Who knew that a sock could take your bun from tiny to full in seconds?

60-Second Sock Bun

Step 1: Pull your hair into a high pony. Step 2: Cut the toe off a sock and roll it into a donut-like shape. Slip it around your  hair. Step 3: Tuck the ends of your hair under the fabric so it stays put. Step 4: As if you were rolling your sleeves, roll your hair and the sock together down your ponytail. Step 5: Tuck in any stray hairs, then spritz on some hair spray to help hold the style and tame flyaways.

Have you tried or heard of this…

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