How to use Polyvore

When I first stumbled upon Polyvore, I was overwhelmed. It seemed like a great, ingenious idea, but was it too much? For those of you unfamiliar with this fashion mecca, they explain it as:

“The web’s largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world.”

And they really do mean, the web’s largest fashion community.  Thousands flock to Polyvore daily to create new looks and gather ideas for their next fashion break through.

And I’ll admit, when I first attempted to “create” a look, I couldn’t decide among the hundreds of templates, let alone the clothes. I was frustrated that there wasn’t enough time to pour over the clothes, ideas and other blogs.

But as I gained more familiarity with Polyvore, I realized that it could be more than just an idea overload. Instead, I could use it as a resource for news, tips and ideas. With a simple search, my love-hate relationship with cropped pants could turn into a blossoming romance in a mere click.

I now use the site for navigating my tough styling and coloring decisions and for staying connected with new trends and ideas. The best part is that you can adapt Polyvore into your life as you see fit. For me, this was simplifying fashion and style tips (hence this blog). But others may use it  to discover their fashion identity so to speak or keep tabs on the latest wrap print dresses.

However you use Polyvore is up to you, whether you create, inspire, hunt or gather.

Polyvore on.


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