Recipe: Salted caramel lava cakes

Thanks to Pinterest, my baking/cooking desire has skyrocketed.

I hope to share my latest and greatest creations here. All of the recipes I have made so far are easy, simple and delicious.

My most recent favorite are these salted caramel lava cakes–recipe props of  VegetarianNirvana blog.

The recipe is as follows:


          4 oz of semi-sweet baking chocolate squares

          4 oz of butter [1 stick]

          1/3 cup of sugar or icing sugar

          2  large eggs

          1/3 cup A P flour [All purpose white flour]

          Some butter for greasing 4 ramekins

          6-8 caramel squares

          a little rock salt/sea salt

                                                                                    100% cocoa powder for dusting ramekins, optional


Preheat oven to 425 deg

Butter the ramekins. Dust with cocoa powder[optional]

Cut each caramel square into a few smaller pieces and press some salt onto them and set aside. If you leave them whole they might not melt all the way through.

Microwave the chocolate squares and butter for one minute in a large bowl. The chocolate will not have completely melted at this point. Whisk till the chocolate and butter combine.

Add the sugar and mix it in.

Whisk in the eggs and incorporate.

Stir in the flour. Work the flour in gently to combine.

Divide batter among the 4 ramekins.

Gently push the salted caramel bits into the batter covering them.

Place ramekins on a cookie sheet and bake between 10-14 minutes. The cake is ready when it has a domed appearance, the center is a little moist and the edges of the cake, dry and firm.

Remove from the oven, insert a knife and go around the cake, invert onto serving plates, garnish wth salt and serve.

*I used mini-muffin tins, as I was fresh out of ramekins (ha) and it took about 5 minutes longer than the recipe stated. My oven may just be old and less powerful–but make sure to stick a fork in a few around the edges just to make sure they are cooked all the way through.



  1. Hi lauren
    Thanks for trying out and giving thumbs up to my Salted Caramel Lava Cake. You have a charming blog, looks like you just started. Wish you the very best.

    1. Thanks Sandhya! I am new in the blogging sphere, I hope I credited you ok. But I absolutely loved your recipe, thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to keeping up with your posts.

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