How to wear cropped pants

I mentioned my love-hate relationship with cropped pants. It’s as follows: wear them when it’s warmer out with flats and a tee shirt, wish I could figure out other ways to wear them, struggle, give up and don’t wear them again for several months.

So after some experimenting, reading and trying new styles and colors I am slowly starting to master these simple, but tricky, pants.

I just bought these cherry red pants from Gap and am in love with them! I received so many wonderful compliments when I first wore them–with a black tee, geometric necklace, tuxedo blazer and gold driving moccasins. (I am obsessed with moccasins).

Outfit #1: cropped pants in any color + neutral tee (white, gray, black) + fun necklace +flats. If you want to pump up the color, add a colored necklace or colored flats. To make it more sophisticated, add a blazer.

For a casual night out, I would swap the tee for a blouse and add heels.

Outfit #2: Long flowing white shirt that goes past your waist + pants + strappy heels. Add a watch or funky bracelet and earrings for a flash of metallic and different textures.

The last one was a bit tricky, as both of the above are simple and easy to interchange with different shirts and shoe–you can literally make both looks as dress or as casual as you would like.

For an out of the box look, I decided to rock my black pants as an alternate to jeans.

Outfit #3: Cropped pants+ long sleeve gray sweater + sneakers–I opted for my cornflower Chuck Taylor all stars. It was great for a Sunday brunch or casual Saturday afternoon.

Turned out, these bad boys weren’t so bad at all. I’ll upload full outfits as well to showcase an entire look.

In the meantime, let me know which outfit number you would pick or if you have another great way to rock em!


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