How to add style to your blazer

Blazers are one of the essential ingredients to a successful wardrobe.

As a key closet player, these jackets help determine the mood of an outfit. And perhaps the most notable tip: blazers are universally appropriate regardless of setting.

These three different looks all show off the blazer’s magical powers; and if you’re new at the whole blazer thing I recommend working your way from outfit #1 to outfit #3.

The easiest way to rock a blazer is as a substitute to a cardigan or other lightweight jacket–plus this look is great for spring!

Outfit #1: Jeans + neutral tee or blouse + black blazer +bright scarf + flats/boots = a casual day at the office, Sunday brunch or mid-week drinks with friends.

The second outfit will be great for everyday office attire, professional meetings or other work related events. I added tights to the below outfit for colder months and for more conservative offices. Swap out the hat for a headband or nothing at all and you’re good to go.

Outfit #2: Tan/khaki blazer + shirt dress/a-line dress + neutral belt+ Oxford’s + black tights = work meeting or after work drinks.

Special photo appearance by Kristen Myers.

The last outfit is for Saturday evenings, galas, events and other nights out on the town. I chose this for a New Years Eve option.

Outfit #3: Strap less dress (in sequins, blues, golds, whatever!) + black blazer + black tights + short black booties.

For warmer months, ditch the tights and swap booties for heeled gold sandals.

So those are just 3 options for incorporating a blazer into your wardrobe–start casual or go full on dressy, the blazer will fit right in.

Favorite spots to find good (and often inexpensive) blazers: Jcrew, Gap, Anthropologie, Top Shop, H&M, Fossil.

What’s your favorite way to wear a blazer?

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