How to pull off yellow

Yellow plays an important role in my wardrobe. It started as a an accent color, but after several months it’s transformed from a supporting role into a main staple.

I love how cheerful it is and how it just makes me happy. Seriously, I look around at my yellow bedroom walls and grin, you should try it.

Anyway, instead of three looks we’ll start with a little, a little more and then full on color. And if you tend to shy away from bright hues, try a little at first before taking on for instance a bright yellow rain coat.

Another important tip is to be mindful of which shade of yellow works best for you. Warm tones and brunettes can get away with a bright highly saturated sunshine color whereas blondes and those with cooler skin tones should stick with something closer to the pastel side of the spectrum.

A little: Using yellow as an accent color, you can add pops of bright to a neutral outfit. A skinny yellow belt breaks up a gray cardigan and a yellow bag adds interest to a khaki suit. My favorite yellow accessory hands down is my extra bright, almost neon, scarf. I wear it with my army green military spring jacket and jeans.

A little more: add a yellow blouse, but offset the brightness with a camel coat and jeans. Or if you’re into the colored jeans fad that’s sweeping stores, add a pair of light yellow jeans with a white tee and neutral cardigan. I have a great pair of bright yellow shorts that I pair with black tees, sandals and chunky necklaces in the summer.

A lot: to really brighten your spring wardrobe, invest in a yellow coat or jacket. You’ll be dreaming of daffodils every time you put it on.

Another alternative is a bright yellow structured dress. With a blazer you can make it office appropriate, or add open toed sandals and a breezy cardigan for a summer wedding.

I find yellow goes best with neutrals like white, camel, black and navy blue. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try combining yellow and azure or Kelly green for those warmer days. Just be careful if you pair this with red, no one wants to look like an ad for McDonald’s!

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