2 lipsticks put to the test

My Nars Roman Holiday lipstick had been worn down to the nub, and in a moment of desperation I seized the first closest looking thing…Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Dollhouse Pink.

So before I dismiss this beauty product entirely, I decided a fair lipstick smack down was in order.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Lip Color in Dollhouse Pink


-Great color, nice and cheery for spring–or on gray days!

-Price, at $1.99 this is pretty unbeatable

-The packaging is nice too for the price


-The finish: maybe this is just me, but the lipstick is way too matte–to the point where it’s difficult to apply.

-Taste, although “scent-less” it is borderline chalky

-No moisturizing benefits

-It seemed to highlight, instead of hide, all little cracks in my lips–not very attractive

Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink (top)

NARS Roman Holiday (bottom)

NARS Lipstick Roman Holiday


-Glides on smooth, fills cracks without highlighting flaws. It’s definitely more glossy, so if you like glossy lipsticks this is the ticket.

-Has a slight “froot loop” smell–ok, at least I think this is a plus!

-Packaging is gorgeous

-Surprisingly lasts a really long time, I wore it about once a week and got months out of this.


-Price, at  $24 it’s definitely a lipstick investment–

So…the winner is…NARS! I know the price is steep, but if you can I highly recommend all of NARS lipsticks and cosmetics, they really know their colors and quality of products. I find mine at Sephora.

Which cosmetic smack down should I do next?

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