DIY: How to decorate with chalkboard paint

Inspired by old classrooms, I set out on a mission to paint some part of my apartment with chalkboard paint.*

My initial thought was to paint one entire wall, but that idea came to a crashing halt after I realized I would need to wash it down every time we wanted a fresh canvas.

Instead, I opted for three small chalkboard’s, flanked  with decorative hooks between each.

How to:

1. Using a pencil, measure 3 (or more if you have a larger wall) rectangles one foot apart from each other.

2. Using painters tape, tape rectangles onto wall where you placed your measurements.

3. Using a small roller brush, paint on 2 coats of chalkboard paint allowing each coat to dry in between.

4. Optional: place hooks in between, add frames or opt to paint a 1 inch thick frame in any other color paint around each or add wooden or metal ledges to hold chalk.

*Chalkboard paint can be found as most hardware/home improvement stores like Ace, Home Depot & Lowes.

I plan to add ledges to each board to hold chalk and make them look more apart of the room. We use ours for seasonal to do lists, quotes, and silly sayings. When it comes time to cleaning, paper towels and Windex seem to do the trick just fine. You may want to add additional coats however if the paint seems too thin.

Hope you have fun with this, send me pictures if you do choose to take part in this chalkboard project!


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