DIY: How to make a terrarium

As a professional black thumb, I have mastered the art of killing plants while trying pathetically hard to keep them alive. I water them, feed them, give them sunlight if needed, pluck dead leaves,  and so on. But none of that matters, no plant I’ve had ever just “hangs in there.” As soon as they start to wilt I deem them traitors and watch as they slowly burn out–graphic I know.

And then of course in my long struggle with plants, I discovered the wonderfully beautiful terrarium. Painless, quick and plays nice with black thumbs.

What you’ll need:

-River rocks


-Potting Soil

-Sheet moss

-Large glass vase/urn/vessel


(I found my vase at IKEA and ordered a terrarium “kit” from Amazon to make things easier)

How to:

1. Layer the river rocks at the base of the vase (this helps with draining)

2. Layer a 1/2 inch of charcoal over the rocks to aid in filtration

3. Add a thin layer of moss to prevent the soil from settling down into the rocks

4. Add soil

5. Add plants, whichever arrangement you like

6. Add an additional layer of moss over the soil and around the plants

As an optional step, you can add decorative accents or figurines to add color the terrarium.

Good terrarium plants include: moss, ferns, herbs, succulents in a dry terrarium and mini palms.

So far it’s going strong, fingers crossed!

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