Fashion Recapp: Cloth

Do you remember that amazing wardrobe creator and spinner in Clueless? With the push of a button, Cher would have her plaid mini-skirt outfit ready to go in mere seconds. I still dream of that spinner and think of all the time (and floor space) I could save with it.

And then Cloth happened. The 2012 answer to Cher’s wardrobe spinner, but with a more appealing price tag.

Seth Porges with Clothes Minded is the brainchild behind this new and handy iPhone/iPod/iPad app launched in 2011.

Here’s how it works. Just snap a pic of your favorite outfit and the app will store it to whichever category you choose. And similar to other social networking sites, the app encourages sharing of outfits and liking other user posts.

More recently, Porges launched an in-app upgrade, Cloth Weather. And as you’ve probably guessed, the app determines the current weather condition and then selects an existing outfit from your wardrobe that’s most compatible.

So say if it’s raining, the app will pick out that trench coat + skinny jeans and wellies and well, you get the idea.

I’m thinking this is going to come in handy for cataloging my wardrobe for upcoming summer trips.

Happy apping!

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