DIY: Chevron painted lamp shade

I got busy with my gold paint this weekend and decided to revitalize an old lamp shade. My inspiration came from the Pomp and Circumstance blog.

You’ll need:

-Painters Tape

-Gold craft paint (I found mine at Michael’s for about $4)

-Paint brush

-Paper plate or paint trough

-White lamp shade, any size

Getting busy:

1. Decide how thick you want your chevron pattern. I stuck with the painter’s tape width, but you can use masking tape or cut the tape in half if you prefer thinner stripes.

2. Measure 3-4 inches from the base, depending on the size of your shade. In tape, or pencil, draw a line all around your shade.

3. Start placing tape in diagonal lines, starting from the base and ending at the line you drew in the previous step.

4. Repeat the pattern up the shade, keeping the space between the lines even. Use scissors to cut the tape and make sure to keep all lines clean.

5. Paint/stipple on gold paint. Be careful, you don’t want the paint to bleed under the tape or through your shade. I did a light coat, and then painted a second coat once it had dried.

6. Let dry at least 24 hours–just to be safe!

7. Remove tape, and there you have it–an easy, new lampshade in a fun chevron pattern.

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