The perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list

Here’s my picks for gift-giving this year.

Who: Mothers/Aunts

All luxury, all for your mom.

 Ebba Shearling Booties, $78

French Kitchen Essentials Tool Kit, $42

Body Balm, $32


Who: Friends/Sisters

Things you love and you know they would too.

Winged Bottle Stopper, $18

Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways, $34

Foil Boucle Eternity Scarf, $34


Who: Husbands/Boyfriends

Manly scented candles and sleek speakers will make him swoon.

Stag Candle, $36

Whiskey After Splash, $16

The original by Koostik, $95


Who: Mother-in-laws/Grandmothers

Think neutral, crowd pleasers if your relationship is new.

French Lavender Petal Topped Candle, $38

Tocca Hand Creme Set, $20

Wool Lodge Blanket, $134

Who: Little Sister/Niece/Cousin 

Grown up gifts, but with whimsy.

The Lollipop Guild Gift Guide Set, $46

Button Bracelet, $60

Ear Buds, $14


Who: Dads/Uncles/Brothers

When in doubt, always go for food.

Organic Maple Honey Caramel Spread, $20

Pocket Handwarmers, $20

The Ultimate Book of Card Games, $19.95

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