8 pairs of shoes that every gal needs

Keep your closet full with these 8 basics and you’ll never worry about wearing the right shoe again:

Classic Black Pump

A standby for any office or evening look.


Nude pump

There’s something really alluring about a nude pump, plus they elongate your legs–va va voom!


Brown or Black boots

A sturdy pair of classic boots will never go out of style.


Ballet Flats

Cute flats pair well with dresses or cropped trousers.



I find that booties are the great in between shoe, when a pair of boots is too casual, but heels scream over-the-top.


Casual flat

For weekends and lazy days. My go-to is a moccasin, but boat shoes, loafers or toms will do the job just fine.


Leather sandal

Forget flip-flops, invest a solid sandal that you can walk in all day.



Great for weekends and outdoor activities. I opted for a pair of chucks.


{Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8}


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