The best new ways to wear a scarf

I’m a big believer in scarves and I wear them with any and everything. Some women struggle with wearing scarves in warmer temperatures or say indoors. In this guide, I’ll show you the different ways to tie scarves for any occasion.

Simple Loop

Easiest way to rock a scarf is a simple loop: self-explanatory.












Challah Braid

The Challah Braid is great for structure and staying cozy: Fold the scarf in half and wrap around your neck. Reach through the loop to grab the two ends of the scarf. Pull the scarf through and make another mini-loop.












Folded Triangle

This is my favorite way to wear a scarf, it’s so effortless and cowboy chic. Take a square scarf and fold it diagonally in half. Take the two corners and tie them together. Slip on over your head and you’re done.













Easy and effective: fold scarf in half and drape over neck, pull the end through the loop and tighten.













For the adventurous: using a square scarf, fold in half diagonally. Fold or roll the scarf into a thin strip of fabric. Wrap around your head and make a knot in the front of the turban and tuck any loose ends in.














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