Beauty Balm Reviews

After months of testing and comparing coverage and benefits of different  beauty balms, I narrowed my down my list to the top 5.

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Garnier Frutis Beauty Balm in Medium/Light

Pros: Lightweight, airy feeling, nice smell, SPF

Cons: The coverage is a bit light, good for day time wear, but not if you’re looking for fuller coverage. I wish it had more anti-aging power.

L’Oreal Magic BB Cream in Light

Pros: It looks white when you first dispense, but then it adapts to your skin tone. I noticed even coverage and was surprised at how flawless my skin was, a result I normally find in foundations only.

Cons: The texture has almost a bit of a grittiness to it, smaller amount.

Maybelline Dream Fresh Beauty Balm

Pros: Lightweight, minimal smell.

Cons: The coverage was just OK.

Clinique BB Cream

Pros: Great coverage and works well for sensitive skin and helps with aging, also has SPF.

Cons: Expensive.

SmashBox Camera Ready BB Cream 

Pros: Definitely a front-runner for coverage and quality, plus SPF.

Cons: A bit thicker than the others and also the price is more, but you get what you pay for.

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