Weaving DIY

I had the great pleasure of attending my friend Joslyn’s weaving workshop at Cocktail Courier. For those in the Chicago area, Jos teaches weaving and other DIY art classes around the city through her awesome business, J.Villa Workshop.

Joslyn provides everyone with a loom and the necessary tools, but if you are not in the city and want a straightforward guide on beginners weaving, I highly recommend visiting her site.

Here’s my loom, with the starter thread looped in, pretty neat huh? I really love seeing texture like woven tapestries in home design, and am so excited that I can actually brag and say hey, I made that!
Here’s my (almost) finished product still on the loom.

And here’s the finished product! I didn’t feel like I could master adding triangles and other shapes included in weaving, but I hope to soon!

Have you weaved before? Any tips or tricks for beginners? Or are you hoping to pick up a new hobby? I think I found mine!


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