Five home decor trends to try in 2017

This year home decor trends are all about color, texture, and pattern. Although there are many different design options for 2017–websites will tell you what’s in and what’s out, with contrasting opinions–so this is by no means a definite list of 2017 interior design trends, but just my top five choices and what I’m hoping to bring into my home, feel free to copy. 🙂

Image via Heidi Caillier

Green, green everywhere

This is a huge trend in home design and it’s no wonder as Pantone deemed greenery the 2017 color of the year, check out my past post called five products for people who love greenery! From sofas to leafy palms, embrace this trend, however, your green thumb desires.


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Sure, texture is a broad enough word that it can be a bit tricky to define, but what I mean here is the embracing of texture and lots of it. The easiest way to layer your home and add dimension to a room is by texture, mix a nubby throw into a wooden crate next to a leather sofa that has velvet pillows. Seriously, find two to three elements you like and try adding them to rooms in your home that need a quick refresh.


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Not the obvious patterns think vintage, worn-in, and abstract. Try this trend on your couch or layer rugs in a room with floral wallpaper, it’s also about mixing it up so don’t be afraid to take on more than one design.


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Jewel tones

Personally, I love jewel tones, they’re insanely flattering and their deep hues seem oh-so-luxe. Between the clock and the metal vase, I’m torn!


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Perhaps a more unique home trend to test, but cork can be really versatile, and did I mention, useful? Go beyond the board and try a cork lamp or even a cork table, no push pins required.


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Which trend has caught your eye this year? I have been on a spring gardening kick, so the green items are calling my name, although I’ve been eyeing a letter board (featured in the texture photo) for quite some time, so we’ll see they’re may be a follow-up post!




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