DIY custom jewelry blocks

I have been staring at my necklace collection that’s housed on a rather old, plain cork board above my dresser for the last year. It’s not the most attractive jewelry display, although it works like a charm. To make it a bit flashier I upgraded plastic push pins to cute copper ones and it’s been a functional, almost fantastic set-up ever since, almost. I couldn’t get past that classroom feel of the cork board and I started to look into alternative wall solutions.


That’s when I stumbled across this wood jewelry block how-to, thanks to the talented home designer Emily Henderson. Copper and wooden details are what I like to decorate with so this easy DIY was the answer to my jewelry-hanging woes. She breaks down instructions simply and even includes links on where to buy the specific products if you don’t already have some of the items.

This DIY is a set of three blocks, but obviously you can do less or more depending on your collection. Here we go!

For starters, you’ll need:

  • A hammer
  • Three wood blocks (I asked my woodworking friend Jack for help with these, but Ms. Henderson recommends finding the wood at Home Depot and cutting to your liking, but if you’ve got a table saw or have handy friends, hit them up.)
  • Wood stain/cloth*
  • Three sawtooth hangers
  • Nails
  • Gorilla glue
  • Copper or brass dowels (I was successful my second time ordering copper dowels on Amazon, or you can scour your local hardware store)**

*Optional, if you didn’t choose a pre-stained wood or asked your handy friend to stain it for you!

**I did consider buying wooden dowels and painting them a metallic gold or copper, you can totally opt for this if you’re having difficulty finding the brass ones. 


  1. Sand off any rough edges and stain your wood blocks, if needed.
  2. Attach sawtooth hangers to the back of each block.
  3. Using gorilla glue, carefully dab a small blob of glue on the center of the dowel and adhere it to the wooden block.
  4. Let dry, then affix to wall with nails.
  5. Show off your gems!

Few things to note, if you can, opt for uniformity with your dowels, and for support I went for at least 1/4″ thick in diameter to hold some of my chunkier necklaces. Also, my dowels were quite shorter than in the original post, I was still able to get four necklaces per block, but if you have a large collection consider longer dowels to add six necklaces per block–I wouldn’t go more than six with these minimal blocks.




There you have it! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you decide to do the DIY please share your results, or other jewelry-organizing advice, in the comments!



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