These interior design trends will be huge in 2018

With a new year, comes a new wave of interior design trends. Thankfully the trends forecasted for 2018 do not disappoint. From timeless black and white to shiny brass fixtures, next year is a mix of old trends colliding with modern-day decor.



Step aside, millennial pink, there’s a new pastel in town and it’s lavender. No, seriously. The purple hue looks great as a couch pillow, or hell an entire lavender couch! I love incorporating the actual herb, too. It’s scent is insanely calming.



OK, so I’m actually really excited that brass is making a comeback. I have always preferred a warm yellow or bronzy gold, although I get why so many people dislike it, too. I’m thinking of those horrible, cheap fixtures your grandparents had against a horrible cream-colored sink, right? It doesn’t have to be that way! Go for matte brass items to transform your space into a shiny—not stuffy—showroom.



Spring florals, snore right? Wrong! Thanks to Liberty London’s collab with Anthropologie, the retailers’ signature flowery prints are blossoming all over chairs, pillows, and walls. If you’re feeling bold, try a floral wallpaper, large rug, or chair!


Patterned plants

That’s right, a specific type of plant is in. We’re talking the patterned variety. Some options to consider are tropical plants like the maranta or calathea. And if you’re in need of a new planter, check out my post–pretty planters to perk up your space!


Natural accents

Try a mix of wood and leather to achieve this look. I personally love my wooden candlesticks and leather pillow combination; the mix of natural esthetics can make an entire room feel instantly cozy. For even more fun, try adding marble to your kitchen with a wood and marble cutting board or chic marble mortar and pestle.


Black and white

The classic tuxedo combo will never go out of style, but it just so happens to be majorly in style for 2018. Joanna Gaines’s line at Target is just one example of retailers jumping on the marble trend.  Try mixing in elements into your space, or opt for an entire oreo room like these guys!


And there you have it friends! Which trend are you thinking about adding to your home? I’m definitely drawn to the maranta plant and this knit black and white pillow!



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