How to decorate and actually use your sun room

Really, these design tips can be applied to any extra room you have that you would like to turn into a multi-purpose space. Ours happens to be our front sun room, which has transformed over the last few years and I’m so excited to share with you all what my sun room looks like today.

Here’s the first rendition with the leather Crate and Barrel ottoman in the corner and the aloe plant half the size it is today.


This side table is really an outdoor table with a neutral colored slab of tile on top. I upgraded eventually!


This fiddle leaf plant you can see replaces the one in the earlier photo. Before I had uniform books–thanks wedding centerpieces!–to anchor my plants, I used thick manuals to act as a short side table.


I swapped this mosaic table for the tile one and mounted the stag-horn fern (left). This photo is from my post on my famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

The mid century plant stand was originally my grandparents who bought it in Denmark. I moved it to the dining room to free up space for the cozier chairs.


Here’s he latest rendition before adding the new chair and moving the plant stand.

We found an amazing olive green mid century lounge chair from West Elm, perfect for reading. The green goes perfectly with the green books and plants, plus the brass legs match the new lamp and my beloved brass watering can from CB2.

P.S. Copy my marble table IKEA hack at my DIY with marble contact paper post.

You can see my timeline of the sun room makeover! It took all morning to assemble the chair and lamp, with coffee breaks of course. 🙂

And here we have it! I couldn’t be more pleased with how the room turned out. Now Evan and I can both sit here comfortably and read or even share a meal or host cocktails.


Essentially for a sun room, or a multipurpose room, find a design and/or color scheme that speaks to you. I wanted to bring the greenery in with soft blues, whites, golds, and greens hence the green and blue pillow and olive green velvet chair. The velvet really adds a cozy feel to the room.


A small room doesn’t have to be sparse, but you also shouldn’t overcrowd. Space plants on a their own table and surrounding area and keep decorative objects on other small tables minimal.


Also, not every corner needs to be occupied. I intentionally left the south east corner more sparse with a reading lamp to balance the heavy chairs and large table.

Also, this lovely handmade bowl took a tumble, but not to worry! I re-purposed it aka used it regardless of the break for my tiniest of succulents that don’t require direct sunlight.

And don’t be afraid to play with height. Try hanging items from the ceiling or hooks–my next project is a hanging lamp over the chair!

What are your favorite sun room spots? Share in the comments!



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